Contact Us

MAHSD has diversified teams of leadership that often work on specialized tasks to move our organization forward in the most efficient ways. From campaigns to Democratic Town Committees, please refer below to determine the best leaders to contact for your purposes.


If you're an organizer for a Democratic campaign on any level and would like to inquire about high school students getting involved, please contact MAHSD Political Director, Levi Trestan at


If you're a member of the press that would like to cover the work that MAHSD is currently doing, please contact MAHSD Communications Director, Sam Mckeown at


If you're a representative of an , nonprofit, or grassroots organization, legislative lobbying group that is interested in working with MAHSD, please contact MAHSD Advocacy Director Meghan Kane at


If you're a member of a local group such as a Democratic Town Committee that would like to work on getting MAHSD members involved in local progressive initiatives, please contact MAHSD Development Director, Preranaa Srinivas at


If you're a member of any group (including students) that want to help get a chapter started in the Commonwealth, please contact MAHSD Expansion Director, Sophie Coyne at Interested students should also fill out the "Join Us" form, found on the top right of the website. 


If you are a member of any group that works to promote any form of diversity/inclusion in organizations and you would like to collaborate with MAHSD, please contact MAHSD diversity director, Faridah Azeez at


MAHSD Anonymous Feedback Form

As with any organization, it is crucial that we focus on improvement. We understand that it may not be comfortable to voice all feedback to a member of our Executive Board, so we have created this form to facilitate that communication. All feedback will be read and addressed by our chair, Tadea Martin-Gonzalez, unless it concerns a member of the executive board. If it does, it will be read and addressed by a member of the Massachusetts High School Democrats Adult Advisory Board. Take the form here.