MAHSD is supporting the Education Promise Act. This landmark bill, presented by Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz, would overhaul the current system of k-12 school funding in Massachusetts.

About the Education Promise Act

The Promise Act is the K-12 component of a legislative initiative, Fund Our Future, led by the Massachusetts Teachers Association. As described by them:

“The 2015 Foundation Budget Review Commission found that the Commonwealth’s public school funding formula is outdated — and that the foundation budget is too low by more than $1 billion. The Promise Act, filed by Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz (D-Boston) and by Reps. Aaron Vega (D-Holyoke) and Mary Keefe (D-Worcester), would over a period of time implement the four core recommendations of the commission to increase the foundation budget, resulting in more than $1 billion in new state funding.

The bulk of those funds would go to districts with the greatest need and fewest resources. The formula would be changed to:

  1. Modernize the formula to provide adequate support for English learners and low income students.

  2. Realistically account for districts’ health care costs by using actual data to set insurance costs and inflation rates in the foundation budget.

  3. More accurately account for special education costs to better reflect actual SPED enrollment and the total costs that districts bear for out-of-district students.

  4. Increase state aid to certain districts to mitigate losses to charter schools.

  5. Guarantee minimum annual state aid increases to all districts of $50 per pupil.”

Take Action

More info about the Education Promise Act coming soon!