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MAHSD is backing the Healthy Youth Act. With the momentum of the #MeToo movement, numerous Massachusetts organizations are supporting this bill to demand lawmakers give young people the foundation they need to lead secure, productive lives.

About the Healthy Youth Act

An Act relative to healthy youth, H.410/S.263, mandates comprehensive sex education taught in public schools focus on consent and healthy relationships, be inclusive, and medically accurate. Sex education has been shown to decrease rates of STIs and reduce instances of teen pregnancy. This legislation would not require schools to teach sex ed, but rather mandate that sex ed curricula across the state be uniform and meet the same standards. Currently, there are serious and problematic deficiencies in sex ed. It is time that Massachusetts address this issue.

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Take Action

The Healthy Youth Act is a common sense piece of legislation which made great strides last session. However, with newer pieces of legislation garnering the focus this session, it will take an even greater force to get this issue the true attention it deserves. Now that’s where you come in!

Write a Letter to the Editor

As high schoolers and as high school Democrats, we understand the crucial importance of public education, especially creating a curricula that all students can follow across the board and learn from. So, we are launching a campaign to have MAHSD chapter members write letters to the editors of the local or school newspapers to spread the message of the Healthy Youth Act in their communities. This campaign is both a way for us to share our message about this bill far and wide and for you to getting your opinion published in print.

other helpful resources

  • One page info sheet about the bill.

  • Tips on how to share your public story. Take these tips into action when writing letters, giving testimony, or asking questions.

  • A step-by-step guide that walks you through how to write an effective letter to the editor.