The Massachusetts High School Democrats (MAHSD) is an organization run by and for high school students to give teenage Democrats an opportunity to contribute to the mission of the Democratic Party.

We are comprised of chapters in high schools from West Springfield to Cape Cod which run almost entirely autonomously, but our Executive Board helps organize and connect the network for regional and statewide projects.

MAHSD members make a huge difference at the local, state, and national levels every election cycle. We also know, however, that democracy does not begin or end during elections. We rally as activists at the Women’s March, March for Science, Immigrants’ Day, and other events. We work to increase political participation with initiatives such as voter registration drives. We support legislation on Beacon Hill that advances the priorities of young people. We do everything we can to serve our communities.

In the aftermath of the Election of 2016, the Democratic Party is reaching a crossroads. For future success, the young people who represent the future of our democracy must take the lead. On our end, we’re fired up and ready to go.

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Voter REgistration Week of Action

Residents in Massachusetts must be registered 20 days before an election to vote. That means Wednesday the 17th is the voter registration deadline for the November 6th election.

Luckily, anyone over the age of 16 can register to vote. If people register to vote while in high school, studies demonstrate it’s more likely they’ll show up at the polls later in life. And this matters. Donald Trump would not have been elected if young people had showed up at the polls.

That’s why MAHSD will hold a statewide Voter Registration Week of Action starting this Wednesday: to harness our high schools of today to support the Democratic process of tomorrow.

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