The bulletin board provides a variety of opportunities to connect high school students with campaigns and other political opportunities across the state. Each opportunity will be listed here with a full description. Please contact Anjali Ramakrishnan, Field Director, with any questions or if you would like to post an opportunity at this page at

Campaign postings are not endorsements. 


Dan Koh GOTV Fellowship

Dan Koh is a progressive Democrat running for Congress in the third district of MA. Fellows would be knocking on doors and making phone calls to voters who have already indicated that they were interested in supporting Dan Koh. GOTV fellows would attend a training session to get them acquainted with our grassroots voter turnout strategy. Fellows would have to commit to eight (8) shifts of canvassing over the weekend leading up to the election, and election day itself. These next three weeks are the most important of the campaign, so any volunteer or fellow would be absolutely critical in winning this primary election! Visit Email with any questions or concerns. Learn more about Dan and the campaign at 

Sam Hammar for State Senate

I never expected to be running for State Senate - I’ve made a career in public service but I’ve always stayed behind the scenes. But I’m putting my name forward and running for office because I'm done waiting for Beacon Hill to make the progress our working families need. People are falling further behind because of massive student loan debt, a lack of access to affordable child and senior care, and a housing market that pushes families out of their communities. These overlapping economic crises are suffocating us, and it's time for the State House to act with an appropriate sense of urgency. Join the resistance. We are challenging the status quo to get us the progress we deserve. Sign up for a team: Sign up for a shift: Learn more about the campaign at

Quentin Palfrey for Lieutenant Governor

Help us support Quentin before the primary Sept. 4th! We have a variety of voter-contact opportunities. We need help with phone banking and canvassing (door knocking), and we are also recruiting volunteers to work at polling locations on election day. Our office is in Cambridge, but all of our volunteer opportunities can be done remotely. Contact if interested.

Matthew Crescenzo for State Representative

As a fellow on our campaign, you will gain experience in campaign field operations, recruit and train volunteers, staff events and sign in attendees, and be part of a great team. Also we have opportunities for growth and we can tailor your fellowship to whatever your interests are. Most importantly, we'll have a great time. Contact Nick Alto to get involved at  You can apply to be a fellow at

Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate: Education and Visitor Experience Internship

The Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate is dedicated to educating the public about the important role of the Senate in our government, encouraging participatory democracy, invigorating civil discourse, and inspiring the next generation of citizens and leaders to engage in the civic life of their communities. Senator Kennedy believed that each person possesses the power to effect positive change within their community. Through this internship program, the Institute aims to further the Senator's legacy of service by developing a team of passionate and engages interns to work directly with the Institute's Education and Visitor Experience team, Institute interns are an essential part of teaching future generations of leaders about government, the importance of civic engagement, and the need for bipartisanship. Interns bring these ideas to life by guiding visitors through exhibits and supporting programs. Learn more about the program and apply for a fall internship at Contact if you have questions.

NOTE: DEADLINE to apply for the internship is Friday, July 27th, 2018.

Seth Moulton for Congress

Join Team Moulton! Be part of the team as you learn the insides and out of campaigning in the office and out on the field. As a volunteer, you will work directly with a field organizer in your area and get to help them and the rest of the team strengthen the campaigns presence all along the district by helping people register to vote, canvassing in your neighborhood,  phone banking through Votebuilder, and meeting voters across the 6th district.

Contact if interested. Visit to learn more about the campaign.

Jason Lewis for MA State Senate

Jason Lewis is a proven progressive leader in the State Senate. We are looking for volunteers to join us at our Saturday canvasses around the district! If you're interested in joining, sign up here: You don't need any prior experience, just a desire to keep a strong progressive in our State Senate. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Jason Berger at Thanks!

Learn more about the campaign at

Jay Gonzalez for MA Governor

  • Seeks highly motivated individuals who are looking to obtain organizing experience on an engaging political campaign
  • These passionate people will be talking with the voters who will decide this election in the fall
  • Team members will attend event as representatives of Jay, learn critical Votebuilder skills and advance their communication skills.
  • Will have the opportunity to take ownership of their own towns, etc. They will be responsible for truly building a lasting organization to achieve big things

Contact if interested. Visit to learn more about Jay and the campaign.

Bob Massie for MA Governor

Bob Massie for Governor, Massachusetts

Bob will give Democrats the BEST chance to beat Baker in November.  Let's bring Bob's extraordinary leadership and vision to the state house as the People's Governor. Together, he'll help us make a fresh start by building a broad-based progressive coalition to implement real change for the future we deserve. Please listen to Bob's inspiring speech at this year's MA Democratic Convention

Help Bob win the primary on September 4 and then the general election November 6! 
Are you interested in politics, outgoing, progressive, positive, bright, and hard-working? We' d love you to join Team Massie and help recruit others! You must be reliable and a team player. Evenings and weekends are a must as well as transportation/T pass. This internship is flexible, though you will be expected to devote at least 10 hours a week during the summer and 5-8 hours in the fall during the school year. 

Our campaign headquarters is in Davis Square, Somerville. After being trained, you can lead door knocking events, phone bank, and attend events to increase visibility for Bob's campaign. Email us at or call (617) 863-7592. Tell us about yourself and what you can bring to our exciting grassroots campaign. Thanks for your interest to help elect Bob Massie, the People's Governor fighting for a justice economy! 

More about Bob:
If you care care about your community, it’s time to make sure our government is working for every resident in Massachusetts, not just a select few. Bob Massie will expand and protect the rights of women, minorities, immigrants, and the LGBTQ+ community.  He is running to bring progressive leadership to implement deep, structural change in:

  • 100% renewable energy and no more pipelines
  • High speed rail to connect our communities
  • Health care as a human right and support Medicare for all
  • Fight economic inequality
  • Support for the Safe Communities Act
  • Establish a public bank to support local businesses and infrastructure projects
  • Release anyone incarcerated for non-violent marijuana related charges 
  • End wasteful spending and re-allocate funds into education and transportation 

Bob has an impressive, wide-ranging and successful background. For decades he has worked effectively for social and racial justice, sustainability, climate solutions, and a new economy. He has founded and run effective organizations at the localnational and global levels. He has always challenged corporate power, believes our economy is upside-down, understands we can create prosperity for all and not siphon off local wealth to Wall Street. Bob is not a party insider and wants to help the Democratic Party be more inclusive and a leader in clean and fair elections. Bob is a executive leader, systems thinker, dedicated environmentalist and won the 1994 Democratic primary for lieutenant governor. 

What truly sets Bob apart is his experience, character, fearlessness and creativity. He moves people and excites them to action! No other candidate has demonstrated these two personal qualities with the same clarity and energy. His life story is all about overcoming adversity in the service of his community while maintaining his determination, resilience, and fierce defense of our core American values – inclusion, equality, imagination, and persistence. Bob spent most his childhood in a wheelchair until finally getting the care needed to put him back on his feet. That taught him that everyone sometimes needs a little help or a new opportunity.  Bob wants to make sure that you and your family will always have a good home, a good school, a good doctor, and a good job.

Jonathan Edwards for State Representative

Jonathan Edwards’ campaign for State Rep in the First Franklin District is actively seeking Deputy Field Directors as well as volunteers of all stripes. Deputy Field Directors are expected to commit at least 6 hours a week to the campaign (that’s just one weekend day) and will be tasked with organizing volunteers and maintaining voter contact. We can’t promise better pay than other campaigns and their fellowship opportunities, but we can promise good food, opportunities to learn NGP or NGPVAN better, and the excitement that comes with working for a good cause in one of the most beautiful districts in the Commonwealth. Deputy Field Director is a pretty sweet title too. Jonathan is an environmental consultant who has experience creating jobs in the green energy sector both in Franklin County and in Western MA writ large. He’s served on the Whately Select Board for 14 years, including a stint as chair, and is proudest of achievements such as creating the South County EMS System and adding multiple local communities to the Solarize Mass network. Jonathan is excited to use this experience to push for progressive policies on Beacon Hill from tackling single-payer health care to increasing consumer demand for clean electricity. Please contact campaign manager and MAHSD alum Josh Calianos at with any questions. Thanks for staying engaged!

Learn more about Jonathan and the campaign at

New Hampshire Democratic Party Campaign Fellowship

Being apart of the campaign fellowship program provides students with a hands-on learning experience in one of the most exciting political states in the nation. Positions are awarded through a competitive application process. Those selected will work directly with party officials, staff and elected officials in several capacities including communications, field organizing, fundraising and operations. Learn more and apply with the following link: 

Contact with questions.

Katie McBrine for MA State Senate

We would like to have volunteers for 5-10 hours per week with canvassing, data entry and helping with other administrative tasks. We also need volunteers for phone banking or postcard writing at 5-10 hours per week. We need more volunteers in our canvassing teams in each town. If there are volunteers that are interested in leadership roles, our town captains need help organizing and recruiting volunteers for canvassing.

We are flexible with hours and duties so please contact if at all interested in helping with our campaign. Learn more about the campaign at

NOTE: Dr. McBrine is running for the Plymouth and Norfolk District.

Josh Zakim for MA Secretary of State


Josh Zakim's Campaign for Secretary of State is looking for you to join the team! After an amazing Democratic Convention it is time to hit the ground running! As a Boston City Councilor and Chairman of the Civil Rights Committee, Josh pushed through the Boston Trust Act which effectively made Boston the Sanctuary City it is today. Now its time to increase voting access! Join this progressive grassroots campaign! Currently looking for volunteers on the South Shore and Cape and Islands! Opportunities include Participating and assisting in phone banks, canvassing, attending events, and conducting voter outreach.  Contact if interested. Learn more about the campaign at


More than a dozen states have automatic voter registration and same-day registration which drastically increase voter turnout and participation. Help bring this change to Massachusetts by working to elect Josh Zakim to the Secretary of State's office. We have four ways you can help: phone banking, canvassing, applying to become a fellow on the campaign, hosting a house party, or donating. Let's get folks mobilized. Contact us now to get involved at


The Josh Zakim campaign for Massachusetts Secretary of State is seeking Field Organizing Fellows to join Team Zakim from early May to early September. Fellows will assist with voter outreach and education efforts and will play a critical role in organizing and activating key constituencies across the Commonwealth.

Organizing Fellows will be responsible for:
● Entering and analyzing data to track the Field Team’s efforts;
● Identifying and activating supporters through canvassing, phone banking, and attending community events;
● Working with campus-based organizations to increase awareness of the Zakim campaign at colleges and universities across the Commonwealth;
● Collecting signatures to demonstrate support for Councilor Zakim’s candidacy;
● Recruiting and training volunteers for overall campaign efforts;
● Generating excitement by staffing and attending community meetings and other events.

Ideal applicants:
● Interested in gaining valuable skills in direct voter contact and community outreach;
● Philosophically aligned with the campaign’s progressive platform;
● Able to work 15 hours a week;
● Passionate about organizing and interested in Massachusetts politics;
● Hardworking, hungry to learn, enthusiastic, and eager to be part of a dedicated team.

Councilor Zakim has established a lengthy track record of championing social justice and community empowerment as both an activist and an elected official. This campaign is empowering Massachusetts residents to be full participants in the civic and political life of the Commonwealth, and the design of the Field Organizing Fellowship reflects this commitment by training the next generation of organizers. Accordingly, we strongly encourage people of color, women, LGBTQ individuals, and those with disabilities to apply.

To Apply: Please send your resume and cover letter to

NOTE: All three opportunities are on the same campaign.