The new legislative session is here, and it’s time to lobby! This year, we’re introducing our first ever comprehensive legislative agenda. We’re supporting several exciting bills covering a range of issues, and we’re partnering with some incredible organizations to get them passed. This page contains all the resources you need to quickly and easily effect real change in Massachusetts. Click on a priority below to learn more and to take action.


vote 16 campaign

MAHSD is joining VOTE 16 MA in working to pass the Empower Act (H.1132/S.1949), a bill that would make it easier for cities and towns to lower the voting age for municipal elections.


every voice coalition

MAHSD is joining the Every Voice Coalition in supporting, H.599/S.340 and H.3294/S.817, as part of a campaign to end sexual violence in higher education institutions in Massachusetts.

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the homelessness initiative

An MAHSD led campaign, inspired by members Meghan Kane and Preranaa Srinivas to pass a bill (SD.2170) guaranteeing basic rights for people experiencing homelessness in Massachusetts.

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MA civic learning coalition

With the passage of An Act To Promote And Enhance Civic Engagement, MAHSD is continuing its work on civics education by supporting the MA Civic Learning Coalition.

Education Promise Act.png

education promise act

MAHSD is supporting the Education Promise Act. This landmark bill, presented by Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz, would overhaul the current system of k-12 school funding in Massachusetts.


healthy youth act

MAHSD is backing the Healthy Youth Act. This legislation would mandate that comprehensive sex education taught in public schools focus on consent and healthy relationships, be LGBTQ+ inclusive and medically accurate.

Safe communities act.jpg

safe communities act

MAHSD is supporting The Safe Communities Act. This legislation would protect the civil rights of immigrants and ensure that no family in Massachusetts has to live in fear.