Massachusetts High School Democrats DTC Partnership Initiative


Why Should your DTC Partner with mahsd?

With a rapidly increasing amount of politically active youth in Democratic politics, Democratic Town Committees frequently find themselves missing a crucial group of supporters because of their inability to find and bring in this burgeoning sector of civic-minded teens. With every Democratic Town Committee being able to benefit from consistent and meaningful youth engagement, MAHSD finds that it is crucial to act as a path for DTCs to gain more active members and energetic volunteers.

What would my Committeeā€™s responsibilities be?

When a Democratic Town Committee decides to partner with MAHSD they are first tasked with working with an MAHSD Regional Coordinator and the MAHSD Development Director to find a local democratic high schooler who would be willing to start an MAHSD chapter. Once a willing high schooler has been found, the regional coordinator and development director will work with that individual to start their own local MAHSD chapter. With their MAHSD partnership they can expect more active, energetic, and youthful members/volunteers.

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