MAHSD is run primarily through an Executive Board. Its members develop our long-term organizational strategy and keep day-to-day operations running smoothly across the Commonwealth.

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Tadea Martin-Gonzalez, Chair

After fostering a fascination with international relations and foreign politics since 5th grade, Tadea finally got involved domestically by volunteering with the Hillary Clinton campaign which eventually lead her to become a founder of the Northampton chapter. Since then, she has helped her chapter organize everything from walkouts to pizza party phone banks, gaining national recognition as the High School Democrats of America’s Local Chapter of the Year in 2019. Outside of being a local chapter leader, Tadea has also served as the Western Massachusetts Regional Coordinator helping aspiring chapter leaders to organize their own school communities. She’s so excited to be a part of such a great organization and get to work in the next year further expanding MAHSD. When she isn’t doing things related to politics or school, she likes to do gymnastics, play with her dog J’acc, dance, and do handstands next to her icons. Tadea is currently a senior at Northampton High School.

Contact Tadea at tmartingonzalez@hsdems.org.


Sam McKeown, Communications Director

Sam McKeown is a senior at Medway High School. He’s been interested in politics for years, and became involved in creating Medway’s MAHSD Chapter in 2016. In the past, he has served on MAHSD’s Finance and Development Committee, worked on his State Representative’s Reelection Campaign, and participated in Senate President Spilka’s Youth Advisory Council. In his free time, he enjoys baseball, spending time with friends and family, and getting involved in issues he’s passionate about.

Contact Sam at smckeown@hsdems.org.


Levi Trestan, Political Director

Levi Trestan is a senior at Dover Sherborn High School. He first got involved with the High School Democrats in early 2018 when he founded the local chapter at his high school. Levi worked for Senator Elizabeth Warren’s re-election campaign during the 2018 midterm elections and canvassed for candidates up and down the ballot. Previously, Levi organized the March For Our Lives walkout at Dover Sherborn High School following the tragic shooting in Parkland. More recently, he was a member of the MAHSD Legislative Advocacy committee and worked on the Vote16 legislation to make it easier to lower the voting age in cities and towns across Massachusetts. Outside of politics, Levi is an avid Boston sports fan and is a camp counselor in the summer.

Contact Levi at ltrestan@hsdems.org.


Meghan Kane, Legislative-Advocacy Director

Meghan Kane will be a senior at Nipmuc Regional High School this coming year. After having the privilege of working towards the passage of the Education Promise Act while on the legislative-advocacy committee this past year, and she was able to make wonderful connections both within MAHSD and with other organizations, such as the Massachusetts Teachers Association, which combined with the fact her mom was a teacher, ignited her passion for educational activism. She first became politically-aware when the Sandy Hook shooting happened, after realizing it could have easily been her, her mom (as a teacher), or her brothers, who were in first grade at the time. Seeing how distraught her mother was at the inaction in the Senate, she realized what the legislators needed to be held accountable. After Parkland, she got involved with politics, helping out with local campaigns among other things. Meghan joined MAHSD in the fall of her junior year, and can’t wait to continue working with everyone!

Contact Meghan at mkane@hsdems.org


Preranaa Srinivas, Development Director

Preranaa Srinivas is a senior at Nipmuc Regional High School. She co-founded her local chapter in November 2018, post-election. Preranaa has interned for a congressional campaign, the EMK institute, and for her state representative. She has a great passion for education and immigration reform, which is a primary reason why she became involved in advocacy throughout high school, especially in MA High School Democrats. She is ecstatic to serve on the executive board and more than ready for what this year has to offer!

Contact Preranaa at psrinivas@hsdems.org.


Faridah Azeez, Diversity Director

Faridah Azeez is a junior at Blue Hills Regional Technical School. She got involved with HSDA in 2018 during the midterm elections where she founded her school’s chapter. She has previously interned for the Massachusetts State House as a tour guide, Elizabeth Warren Re-election campaign for Senate, and the Sunrise Movement. Faridah currently serves on Congresswoman Pressley’s Youth Advisory Council. She is also very excited to serve as Diversity Director for MAHSD this upcoming school year to strive to make MAHSD diverse and inclusive to every member! In Faridah’s free time she enjoys playing softball, reading comics, riding her bike, and hanging out with friends and family.

Contact Faridah at fazeez@hsdems.org.


Sophie Coyne, Expansion Director

Sophie Coyne is a senior at West Springfield High School. While she always held an interest in politics, that interest turned to action after joining MAHSD in September of 2016, following outrage over the coming election. She has served as Secretary, Vice Chair, and is currently Co-Chair of her local chapter which has organized events such as a forum for their local school committee candidates, hosted a DSC Meeting, and worked on various local and state campaigns. Additionally, Sophie is a member of Teens For Action Springfield which is working to create gun violence prevention and mental health programs for the Springfield Schools and served as a Phonebank Captain for the 2018 MassDems Coordinated Campaign. Her other extracurricular activities include Key Club, being Chair of the National Honor Society at her school, Mathletes, and rock climbing.

Contact Sophie at scoyne@hsdems.org.




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