MAHSD is run primarily through an Executive Board. Its members develop our long-term organizational strategy and keep day-to-day operations running smoothly across the Commonwealth.


Amanda Westlake, Chair

Amanda Westlake is a senior at Wakefield Memorial High School. She first got involved with the High School Democrats in 2016, when she co-founded a local chapter and began to volunteer on several political campaigns. Amanda has previously interned for the office of United States Senator Elizabeth Warren and on the Elizabeth Warren for MA campaign, and volunteered as a tour guide at the Massachusetts State House. Additionally, she has experience volunteering on a variety of political campaigns up and down the ballot and serves on the Greater Boston Regional Student Advisory Council. She is proud of all that MAHSD has achieved, and is excited to continue working with such an incredible organization. In her free time, Amanda enjoys history, art, track and field, and riding the MBTA.

Contact Amanda at awestlake@hsdems.org.

Amelia Ryan, Vice Chair

Amelia has always been politically minded; at nine she counted down the days to the end of Bush’s presidency. She later channeled that energy as a founding member of the Longmeadow High School chapter of MAHSD. Amelia organized and promoted several of the school’s voter registration drives- attracting both Democrats and Republicans. On Election Day in 2016, she assisted in the mock presidential election at her school and conducted a school-wide survey of the Massachusetts referenda. Amelia became a member of the state’s Networking Committee, working on social media and advocating for statewide unity. She later became Social Media director, initiating monthly chapter head meetings and creating platforms for discussion between members across the state. As a result, she was promoted to Communications Director. She leaped into the field of activism when she organized a Youth Action March in Amherst in October 2017 and assisted and spoke at the Women's March in Northampton in January of 2018. After Parkland, she and local students organized the March for Our Lives in Springfield, uniting urban and suburban communities with a turnout of a thousand people. They continue to stay involved in the local community regarding gun violence through their organization, Teens for Action Springfield. Amelia was elected Vice Chair in May 2018.  Amelia is a rising senior at Longmeadow High School. 

Contact Amelia at aryan@hsdems.org.

Rianna Mukherjee, Communications Director

Rianna’s passion for politics was fueled by her interest in women’s rights. She is a co-president of her school’s feminist club and has been involved in school politics for many years, including as a Student Council Representative and as a member of her school’s Student Handbook Committee. Recently, her interests have expanded to push for change outside of her local community and to encourage other students to engage in politics. This inspired her to start a democrats club at her school and involve her members in advocacy efforts for civics education, gun control, and more. Additionally, Rianna was a speaker at the Worcester March for Our Lives and lobbied for gun control in the Massachusetts State House on the day of the March 14th walkouts. She has also done work for Quentin Palfrey’s campaign for lieutenant governor and will work on Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for senate. Rianna is a senior at Algonquin Regional High School.

Contact Rianna at rmukherjee@hsdems.org.

Anjali Ramakrishnan, Field Director

Anjali Ramakrishnan is a current senior in high school.  She has volunteered on several political campaigns on the local, state, and national level, and she was a legislative intern at the Office of Representative Dave Rogers in the summer of 2017. Anjali served on the MAHSD Finance and Development Committee, where she worked on MAHSD wide projects and raising funds for the organization. Aside from politics, Anjali is a Captain of her school’s Mock Trial Team, a member of her school’s madrigals singers and jazz choir, and is extremely obsessed with everything and anything related to Grey’s Anatomy among other TV shows.

Contact Anjali at aramakrishnan@hsdems.org.

Jamie Grillo, Finance Director

Jamie Grillo is a sophomore at Thayer Academy and an event director for Thayer’s chapter. He has interned for Senator Elizabeth Warren, state Representative Adrian Madaro,  public affairs firm Rasky Partners, the Deb Rudolf for State Senate campaign, and Hilltop Public Solutions. In addition to doing internships, Jamie has also volunteered to assist local Democratic Town Committees at their caucuses. He currently serves on the Plymouth Democratic Town Committee and co-manages the MAHSD Finance and Development Committee. 

Contact Jamie at jgrillo@hsdems.org.


Benjamin Moss-Horwitz, Advocacy Director

Ben Moss-Horwitz began high school organizing as his Freshman class president, organizing his classmates in bake sales and spirit competitions. In the crisis of the 2016 election, Ben pivoted paths and began instead organizing his friends to join local phone banks for Hillary Clinton. Since then he has worked as the founder of the Northampton High School Democrats, Regional Coordinator of the Massachusetts High School Democrats and as a founder of the Pioneer Valley Students for Gun Control. Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, the simple removal of barriers between his high school and advocacy work has resulted in hundreds of his classmates leading their community on dozens of campaigns. During the 2018-19 school year, Ben hopes to use his position as Advocacy Director to remove barriers between high schools and clear political work across the state. Ben is a senior at Northampton High School.

Contact Ben at bmosshorwitz@gmail.com.


Jackson Humphreys, Development Director

From a young age, Jackson has expressed an interest in politics. He co-founded the Thayer Academy High School Democrats at the beginning of his freshmen year. He is an active member of his Democratic Town Committee, and served as Central Mass Coordinator during the 2017-2018 school year. Currently, he works as Development Director. In his free time, he enjoys studying history, participating in Model UN conferences, and spending time in the outdoors. Jackson lives in Milton, and is a Junior at Thayer Academy.

Contact Jackson at jhumphreys@hsdems.org.

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Aoguzi Muhameiti, Deputy Development Director

Growing up watching a father who was an activist, Aoguzi had been exposed to civics and the political system since the earliest of his memories. An Uyghur, Aoguzi was born in Japan, and arrived in the States in 2010 under a political Asylum due to ethnic threats in China. Then, he moved to Massachusetts in 2011 and has been in Foster Care since. In 2015, Aoguzi decided to be actively involved within government and began to attend Chelsea City Council meetings regularly. His first experience was as a campaign coordinator for Jeffrey Ross who was a Democratic primary candidate for Suffolk County Register of Deeds. Soon, he began to indirectly campaign for Bernie Sanders, attend healthcare rallies, and finally founded the MAHSD Chapter at Pioneer Charter School of Science II.

Contact Aoguzi at amuhameiti@hsdems.org.

Daniel Bryan, Legislative Director

Daniel Bryan became interested in politics and government as the 2016 presidential election was picking up. He grew up in Boston where he first got involved as an intern in the office of his State Representative, attending community meetings and events and working on the issues that mattered in his neighborhood. He is deeply involved in local campaigns and in his community. He is also a member of the Boston mayor’s youth council, where he represents young people in his neighborhood in city government. He is a senior at Boston Latin School where he first led his school’s Junior Statesman of America chapter and now the city of Boston’s first Massachusetts High School Democrats chapter. He also proudly serves as the MAHSD Legislative Director, working to advance the legislative interests of MAHSD to legislators and party officials.

Contact Dan at dbryan@hsdems.org.



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Tadea Martin-Gonzalez

After fostering a fascination with international relations and foreign politics since 5th grade, Tadea finally got involved domestically by volunteering with the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016. In her first year as co-chair of Northampton High School Democrats this year, Tadea and the chapter have gotten involved in several campaigns, brought in several speakers on topics ranging from ranked choice voting to military recruitment in schools and much more in their first active year. She is currently a junior at Northampton High School. When she isn’t doing things related to politics or school she likes to do gymnastics,read, dance, and listen to Hamilton.

Contact Tadea at tmartingonzalez@hsdems.org.


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Alexander Gillis

Alexander Gillis is a senior at Melrose High School. He is the chair of the Melrose High School Democrats. He has worked on the local campaigns in Melrose and has also interned for gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez this past summer and plans to do so again this coming summer. Alexander is also apart of the mock trial team at Melrose High School. Alexander is interested in working on campaigns, history, baseball, and movies.

Contact Alexander at agillis@hsdems.org.


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Laura Goodfield

Laura was raised in a very politically active household- since the age of 6, she spent every morning waking up with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, and going to bed listening to Rachel Maddow. During the 2012 election, she began holding debates at recess for her sixth grade class. Laura was active in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and is excited to be continuing advocacy as a chapter co president at Boston Latin School, as well as the co president of Junior Statesmen Association at BLS. Laura is also the director of the Public Health and Safety committee on the Mayor’s Youth Council, and hopes to be able to continue working in the public health field in the future.

Contact Laura at lgoodfield@hsdems.org.


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Rory Devlin

Rory Devlin is a senior at Beverly High School. He is a co-chair of the High School Democrats of Beverly. He has worked on many local campaigns, and is active in the Beverly City Democratic Committee. Devlin played a large role in the creation of Beverly Public School’s ‘sanctuary district’, which established protection protocol for at risk immigrant students. He serves on Student Council, and enjoys history and music. He continues to work hard to promote youth civic engagement in Beverly.

Contact Rory at rdevlin@hsdems.org.


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Mark Lannigan

Mark Lannigan is the chair of the Medway High School Democrats of America. He is the president of his class and the school’s environmental club, alongside writing and hosting a segment on his town’s local news called the “Political Update.” Since getting into high school, his many endeavors in clubs and other organizations led him to become interested in leadership and, eventually, government and politics. Now, he’s a part of Senator Spilka’s Youth Advisory Council, a participant at Student Government Day, and an avid political activist. Hoping to become a politician some day, Mark has found an incredible opportunity in creating Medway’s HSDA, and hopes to further progressive goals wherever he can.

Contact Mark at mlannigan@hsdems.org.


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Joseph Gordon

Joseph Gordon is a senior at Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough. He was introduced to the world of politics at a young age and has become even more passionate over time. He is devoted to making progressive change in his community and country. He has been an active member of his school's feminist club and is outspoken about his beliefs. Joseph has taken steps to enrich his political knowledge and experience through an internship with Congressman Jim McGovern during the spring of 2018 and is a member of his town's democratic committee. He attended many Bernie Sanders rallies during the 2016 election, he also marched and collected signatures for McGovern's 2018 campaign.

Contact Joseph at jgordon@hsdems.org.


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