An MAHSD led campaign, inspired by members Meghan Kane and Preranaa Srinivas to pass a bill (SD.2170) guaranteeing basic rights for people experiencing homelessness in Massachusetts.

About the Homelessness Initiative

This initiative represents MAHSD’s first ever member planned legislative effort. The overall plan consists of two components, service, and advocacy. To read more about service opportunities pertaining to the homelessness crisis in Massachusetts, check out this guide. There you can also find more information about homelessness in MA, as well as a detailed action guide for the service component. This legislation SD.2170 would solve a common and unfortunate problem that exists in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: People experiencing homelessness are frequently denied access to services or discriminated against due to their living situation. The legislation as written, would achieve the following for people experiencing homelessness:

  • An end to discrimination in public places

  • An end to discrimination by state and municipal agencies

  • An end to employment discrimination

  • The right to emergency medical care

  • The right to vote without a permanent address

  • The right to a reasonable standard of privacy

Take Action

Read about how this project got started in this letter from Meghan Kane and Preranaa Srinivas.

Use this comprehensive advocacy guide to support the bill. It contains links and resources for everything you need to lobby effectively.