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MAHSD is joining VOTE 16 MA in working to pass the Empower Act (H.720/S.389), a bill that would make it easier for cities and towns to lower the voting age for municipal elections.

About the VOTE 16 Campaign

VOTE16 MA is a statewide coalition led by VOTE16 USA. MAHSD is joining coalition partners in fighting for the passage of the EMPOWER Act, legislation put forward by Representative Andy Vargas that would bring Massachusetts a step closer to lowering the voting age statewide.

H.720/S.389, otherwise known as the EMPOWER act, is a bill that would allow cities and towns to lower the voting age for their municipal elections, without needing to pass a home rule petition. If the bill passed, it would mean that if a municipality wanted to expand the franchise to 16 and 17 year-olds, they could do so without having to pass a bill through the state legislature allowing them to do so. This would popularize and destigmatize the idea of lowering the voting age for state and even federal elections, while giving young people the representation they deserve at the local level.

Take Action

Check out this one-pager to read more about the EMPOWER Act.

Use this tool to find out who your legislators are if you’re not sure.

Read the text of the bill and check if your legislators are on board.