What is Voter REgistration Week?

Residents in Massachusetts must be registered 20 days before an election to vote. That means Wednesday the 17th is the voter registration deadline for the November 6th election.

Luckily, anyone over the age of 16 can register to vote. If people register to vote while in high school, studies demonstrate it’s more likely they’ll show up at the polls later in life. And this matters. Donald Trump would not have been elected if young people had showed up at the polls.

That’s why MAHSD will hold a statewide Voter Registration Week of Action starting this Wednesday - to harness our high schools of today to support the Democratic process of tomorrow.

How do i compete?

Here’s How it’ll work:

  1. Chapters across the state will run voter registration campaigns using the guides below and whatever ideas they can come up with.

  2. At the end of the week, on the deadline of the 17th, chapter heads will submit a report through this form detailing what actions they took and how they went.

    • To verify these summaries, all the Executive Board needs is a quick photo - a group photo would be great but selfies work! - of your chapter taking the action.  

  3. On Friday the 19th the Board will announce the top 3 chapters that displayed the most dedicated voter registration campaign and give out their award (TBA)

How Do I get started?

Want to Register To Vote?

To register to vote, all you’ll need is a state permit or the last four digits of your social security number. You can register online or on a paper form.

To register online Click Here (“tinyurl.com/mavoter”)

To register by paper click here

How do you fill out the paper form?

  1. Print out the first page or pick up a form at your local city clerks office. You won’t need the second page to get registered.

  2. Fill out the 13 pieces of information on the bottom of the page in black ink. Helpful hints while doing so include:

    • Make sure not to skip step 1! The most common reason forms are invalidated are because people forget to mark themselves as US citizens.

    • You can leave blank any parts that don’t pertain to you. These could include Steps 3, 5, 8, 10, and 11

  3. Drop off your form at your local city clerk's office. Don’t forget to take a photo!

WAnt to organize an in School Voter Registration Drive?

The beauty of voter registration drives is that they’re extremely simple to run. All it takes is a little bit of planning.

  1. Pick a time. We have one week until the deadline. Every day of the school week could (and should!) be on the table, but you want to make sure there’s enough time to get out the word.  

  2. Pick a place. Anywhere in the school with people 16 and up work but a variety of options have worked particularly. It all depends on whether you want to have one big table or people walking around with clipboards.

    1. If you choose to set up a table: make sure to pick a spot with a lot of traffic. Cafeterias and hallways work well.

    2. If you choose clipboards: cafeterias still work but you can also ask teachers if you can visit their classes. Sometimes they even give extra credit to those who register!

  3. Talk to school administration. Make sure to check with your principal that you can register students to vote in school. Make sure to stress that voter registration is nonpartisan.

  4. Get out the word. Students will need their RMV ID or their social security number to register, so it’s best to spread the word a couple days in advance. Posters, facebook events, instagram stories- you know your school best.

  5. Organize volunteers. Whether you table or use clipboards, you’ll need volunteers to make this happen. Get a signup sheet going and decide who is filling the three key roles:

    • Who will gather the materials?

    • Who will run the table and/or hold the clipboard? You can always work in shifts but it’s best to have at least two people present.

    • Who will keep the paper forms and bring them to the city clerk's office?

  6. Assemble materials. At the bare minimum, you’ll need to have printed the first page of the form (or pick them up from your local city clerks office) and black pens for all of your volunteers.  

    • If you choose to set up a table, you’ll need a table (duh)

    • If you choose clipboards, you’ll need clipboards (duh)  

    • if you to register folks online, make sure all volunteers know the link “tinyurl.com/mavoter”

    • Picking a bribe, like candy or chocolates, can also be an excellent incentive.

  7. Make it happen. On the day of, take lots of photos. Have lots of fun.